Living on The Poverty Line

Today marks the beginning of my latest challenge. I’m living off £1 a day for 7 days to raise money for young people living in poverty.  I was actually shocked how little you can buy for £7. I knew it wasn’t going to be easy, but standing in the supermarket not being able to afford the milk I usually buy and having to decide between porridge oats and cheese was really tough.

So far today I’v eaten 4 Tesco’s own brand chocolate biscuits and some porridge (with water as I do not drink cows milk and could not afford almond milk). Somehow I feel this week is going to be a lot harder than first anticipated. I just need to keep telling myself I am doing this for a good cause.

What really sticks out in my mind is how for many people this is their reality. According to the Institute of Fiscal Studies 3 million children are currently living in poverty. When I read this I was absolutely mind blown, how is it is possible that in the 21st century so many young people are living on £1 a day? An secondly, how can they afford this? I’ve only just started my poverty challenge and am already finding it tough – the fact so many children live like this on a day to day basis is crazy.

If you would like to sponsor me and join me in my fight against poverty please donate at


Like my facebook page to see how I cope with living on the poverty line: Rebecca – living on the poverty threshold


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