Michio Kaku – Physics of The Future

I’ve always been interested in physics, it fascinates me how numbers and equations can be used as laws to understand mother nature and our universe. So naturally coming across this title at my local bookstore I was instantly curious.

For those of you like me – who know very little about physics but are curious about the future inventions that will shape world I will try my best to break the book down as best I can. Michio Kaku discusses a variety of topics including the future of medicine, wealth, artificial intelligence, computers, space travel and energy. Some of the concepts explained are truly fascinating and also a little mind blowing! I had to read some chapters a few times over before I fully understood how these new technologies may work.

As science is where my interest lies i’ll start with the future of medicine. Michio Kaku explains how in the future, we will have virtual doctors who will be able to communicate with in our own homes – therefore saving time and relieving the workload for our local GP’s. This concept to me sounded a little strange at first – How is a computer going to know what’s wrong with me? well that’s where artificial intelligence comes in! I’ll let you read the book to find out how ;-). The way in which surgery is conducted is also changing. The focus is on creating more non-invasive surgery procedures. It is thought that by mid century there will be pills with an attached microscopic camera that once swallowed, will make there way throughout our bodies, taking pictures and feeding the images back to the health professional – meaning they will be able to pic up any abnormalities without having to cut us open – pretty amazing if you ask me.

The book also talks about space travel and I’m sure many of you reading this are aware of the current project Richard Branson is working on. If you don’t ill give you a quick overview – He’s invested in space travel and pretty soon you’ll be able to buy a ticket to fly by rocket into space. Well, it seems there are a few companies which have followed suit and have started investing in space travel. Although this type of travel won’t be available to the masses immediately, like everything else over time the cost will come down any perhaps in a few decades you and I will be on a flight to space! The long term goal for space travel is to be able to travel to different planets which can sustain human life. Some of you may be aware of the mars one project – in which humans are going to live on mars. So I guess you could say the future has already become reality in this sense.

I’m going to stop here now I really don’t want to spoil the book should you choose to read it. If you are interested in science, artificial intelligence, space, physics or just curious about the future inventions of our time I HIGHLY recommend this book. You will not be disappointed!

Happy Reading,



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